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WHat is a Zulu?

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Now if you are a Pilot & or have been one of the Western Military recently.

You have had to learn the Military Way of spelling. A=Alpha, B=Bravo etc..
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 With the last letter of the alphabet z being Zulu. Now most folks haven’t a clue on what or who a Zulu is.
  So here we go!
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  Okay Grumpy! So I see your average Stock  National Geographic Photo of some African Natives. So what?
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Well you might like to talk to this guy if he had survived. Or talk to the Regiment of the South Wales Borderers. (A Really Tough Bunch of Welshmen)
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Where a whole battalion of them got wiped out by these guys. The Zulus were only packing leather shields & Stabbing Spears by the way.
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They almost captured the Regimental Colors too. Which is considered the Heart & Soul of a British Infantry Regiment.
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They also were barely able to hold these guys off at Rorke’s Drift. Only because of some really great Company Grade Leadership.
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That is why I must highly recommend seeing the 1964 movie Zulu. It’s a great movie and a stirring account of fighting against great odds. It is out in DVD  by the way!
  Sadly the British finally as usual. Got its act together and crushed these Brave Foes of theirs at the battle of Ulundi.
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By the by. They are still around in South Africa. That and they are still highly respected by everyone down there. As they are still a force to be reckoned with.
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Here now is what I think are some good resources to look at. If one wants to learn more about this Stout Hearted Fighting Folks.

The Washing Of The Spears: The Rise And Fall Of The Zulu Nation Paperback – August 22, 1998

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