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Ruger Tames 10mm Auto with New Super Redhawk

The new Super Redhawk will show the world what 10mm can really do when you push it. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger is expanding their Super Redhawk family of revolvers to include a new 6-shot model chambered for 10mm Auto. The company has been busy this season providing niche shooters with new revolvers chambered for a growing range of cartridges.
A revolver chambered for 10mm Auto is unusual for sure but the new Redhawk uses moon clips, making this gun fast to shoot and fast to reload.
Plus it provides 10mm shooters an avenue into revolvers if they don’t want to add a new cartridge to their collection.
Also, it’s just different. A 10mm Redhawk is capable of shooting .40 S&W in addition to 10mm, making it a versatile revolver whether it’s for plinking, hunting, or anything else.
Because it’s a Redhawk, shooters can count on the frame and lockup to handle the hottest and highest pressure loads.
Even with “Ruger-only” types of ammunition recoil isn’t going to be an issue with this gun. With its 6.5-inch barrel, it weighs over 3.3 pounds. That’s more than enough to bridle any 10mm load.
Especially since, by magnum revolver standards, 10mm is fairly entry level. Designed to push self-loading pistols to their limits, 10mm Auto is often loaded to just into .357 Magnum territories.
With this new Redhawk, Ruger is going to show off what 10mm Auto is really capable of.
The 10mm Redhawk has a suggested retail price of $1,159. Realistically that works out to street pricing in the $900 to $1,000 range.
The 10mm model has a brushed stainless finish with rubber and checkered wood grips.

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It has a fully adjustable rear sight with a ramped red insert front sight. The frame is cut for an included set of scope rings for handgun hunters and each gun also comes with 3 full moon clips.
Both the grip and the sights are replaceable and the gun accepts a wide range of standard Super Redhawk accessories. Ruger typically sells additional moon clips in three packs for $15.
This is Ruger’s sixth new revolver of late. The company also recently launched a handful of new LCRx and SP101 revolvers in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .327 Federal Magnum and 9mm Luger.
Ruger isn’t alone when it comes to fresh revolver announcements. Smith & Wesson just unveiled a pair of newPerformance Center 686 revolvers for competition and sport.
The world of revolvers is experiencing a kind of renaissance, with a lot of shooters turning to the classic wheel gun for fun, competition and self-defense. This 10mm revolver isn’t the first of its kind, and by the looks of it, probably won’t be the last.

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