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The major reason as to why I am starting this Blog is many fold. The First that comes to mind is that I have noticed something on the internet.
In that it seems to me that there are very few Blogs that deal with the Average Gun Owner and some of the things and issues that interest them.
It also seems to me that also most of the major gun Magazines. Have this notion that folks like me have a bottomless budget for ever more expensive and exotic types of guns. As my Bank account can tell you. This is just not true.
Now I am just a Retired Juvenile Hall Court School Teacher. I also did a hitch in Mr. Reagan’s Army about a 100 pounds ago. (I was just your basic US Army Cavalry Scout. In other words I was nothing special what so ever)
I also reside today in the Peoples Republic of California. Which frankly is one of the more hostile states to Gun Owners in this great Republic of ours. But hopefully soon, I can escape back to the United States.
Thus as you can see. My background is a pretty normal one for a Gun Owner of my age & generation. (I am pushing 60 mighty hard)
So as I am starting this up. I found that need something to do. That and I hope to make some cash off this. In order to feed my habit. I.E. Buying more Guns. Or as my Old Principal said so well. “I have too many Guns & I need more!”
Bottom line – Thanks for spending your precious time on this. I hope that you will like this.


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