Stuff you NEVER do in Class!

50 Of The Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh While Teachers Cry |  Bored Panda
Here are some things to do if you want to terminate with extreme prejudice your time at School. I have either seen, heard or done a few of these things by the way.
Show up late ever! It doesn’t matter that you have for years shown up early to school. If you are even one minute late. I can promise that you are going to have a really bad day.
Keep the chaos of the classroom under reasonable levels. As you fellow teachers will rat you out in a New York Minute!
Rely on anybody or thing. They or it will always let you down. So have a backup or two!
Show up wasted! Yeah I know that last beer last night tasted mighty good. But the Boss who usually know their way around a bar real well. Will not be amused!
Date anybody at School period. I have seen the games some folks play and it never ends well. Just remember you do not shit where you eat!
Leave your smokes and prescription drugs in your locked car! Same story about your cell phone. Especially since a lot of folks I am told have almost everything in there.
Become “friends” with your students. The jails are filled with Ex Teachers. Who did not listen to the rule. You have to set boundaries or you will be in a world of hurt!
Lend or borrow money or stuff! It will almost always blow up in your face.
Make any kind of profanity, political, sexual or “racial” statements. Especially in this age of PC witch hunting. I  myself almost got written up for calling a student a “dipstick”.
So take heed & learn from my mistakes!