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A Victory! Art Good News for a change! Some Red Hot Gospel there! Well I thought it was neat!

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Good News for a change!

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Israel Loosens Gun Laws After Unprecedented Terror Attack
A Victory! All About Guns COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good News for a change!

Bushmaster Reaches Out To Windham Weaponry Employees by John Richardson

After the Remington bankruptcy, Bushmaster Firearms was purchased by Franklin Armory (Crotalus Holdings LLC) and moved to Nevada. They are now located in Carson City.

Yesterday, I received an email from Lee Felch who is the Director of Marketing for Bushmaster. He said given the close history between Bushmaster and Windham Weaponry that the company was reaching out with condolences on the closure and possible job offers.

It is good to see other companies in the firearms industry reaching out to the Windham Weaponry employees. Furthermore, Bushmaster is not wasting any time in seeking those employees with critical skills to its own success. I’m not sure how many will trade the Sebago Lake region of Maine for the high desert of Carson City but a job is a job.

A Victory! All About Guns Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom Good News for a change!

Teaching anything is not easy if you want to do a good job!

The ladies FREE shooting event will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2023, and Sunday, July 30, 2023, at both the Top Gun Shooting Sports (22050 Pennsylvania Road in Taylor, Michigan) and Recoil Firearms (22509 Ecorse Road in Taylor, Michigan).

There will be no charge for the Firearm Instructor’s safety briefing, the usage of a firearm, ammunition, and range time. Participation is 100 percent free for all attendees. No prior firearms training or experience is required of the women who desire to take advantage of the lesson. Further, experienced women merely desiring to improve their marksmanship skills are also welcome to attend.

All About Guns COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good News for a change! This looks like a lot of fun to me!

A Winchester Model 1873 in caliber 32-20 & manufactured 1887.

For some reason to me. That this rifle looks like what I would call a really fun gun to go plinking with during a weekend with the younguns! Grumpy

All About Guns Good News for a change! Some Red Hot Gospel there!

A classic example of late 19th Century industrial design & execution

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For some reason I really like this guy as he really has some class while having fun at the same time

A Victory! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good News for a change! You have to be kidding, right!?!

Taking Aim at America’s Taxman: One Senator’s Mission to Disarm the IRS by S.H. BLANNELBERRY

It’s not every day that you hear about the IRS packing heat. But that’s exactly what’s been happening, to the tune of $35.2 million. Iowa’s Senator Joni Ernst is saying enough is enough.

Ernst, the straight-shooting Republican, is spearheading a move to disarm the IRS. Yes, you heard it right. She’s calling out the tax agency for splurging taxpayer dollars on weapons, ammunition, and military-grade gear.

Since 2006, the IRS has been spending wildly. They’ve spent over $35.2 MILLION on an arsenal that would make some small countries blush. They’ve dropped $10 million on weaponry and gear since 2020 alone.

Sen. Ernst Calls ‘Em Out

“The taxman is fully loaded at the expense of the taxpayer,” Ernst said in a press release obtained by GunsAmerica. “As the Biden administration has worked to expand the size of the IRS, any further weaponization of this federal agency against hardworking Americans and small businesses is a grave concern.”

“I’m working to disarm the IRS and return these dollars to address reckless spending in Washington,” she added.

Those Hilarious Training Videos From Last Year

Why Is the IRS Playing War

The question that’s tickling everyone’s mind is, why is the IRS playing at war?

According to Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Open the Books, the IRS isn’t just buying handguns for self-defense. They’ve been stocking AR-style rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, and even submachine guns. They’ve also stockpiled 5 million rounds.

“The IRS special agent is starting to look less like a desk worker or rule maker and more like a SWAT team from a Hollywood thriller. It’s the blurring of the lines between a tax agency and traditional law enforcement,” observed Andrzejewski.

The Why Does the IRS Have Guns Act Would:

  • Prohibit the IRS from buying, receiving, or storing guns and ammo,
  • Transfer all guns and ammo currently in the IRS’ possession to the General Services Administration,
  • Auction off these guns and ammo to Federal Firearms License owners and devote proceeds to deficit reduction, and
  • Relocate the IRS Criminal Investigation Division within the Justice Department.


Ernst is doing more than just talking. She’s proposed the ‘Why Does the IRS Have Guns Act.’ The act would prohibit the IRS from buying, receiving, or storing guns and ammo. It would also force the IRS to offload its existing arsenal.

But here’s the kicker. The act stipulates that all this weaponry should be auctioned off to Federal Firearms License owners. And the money raised? It’ll be used for deficit reduction. A classic two-birds-one-stone move.

Furthermore, Ernst wants to relocate the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. She wants it under the Justice Department, where traditional law enforcement belongs.

This move is a stand against wasteful spending and overreach. Ernst is making a clear point: the IRS is a tax agency, not a paramilitary organization. The time has come to ask ourselves, why does the IRS need guns?

And, Ernst isn’t just demanding answers, she’s making moves and leading the charge for change – it’s high time someone stepped up to the plate.

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