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How to clean a Hand Gun safely & well

Now I hope that you just back from shooting your trusty side arm. I also hope that you had fun and hit the Bulls Eye a lot!
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Now come the less glamorous job of cleaning the weapon. But since you have spent a pile of jack on it. That and you want it to be able to work well in the future.
So you just get it done.  Now like all jobs. It is going to take some time, goodies and skill. But if you persist thru this. I think that I can help you out.
Here are some helpful hints.
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As a lot of folks have been shot by an”Unloaded” gun. So trust me on this one.
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As both the Cops and later on the Judge. As both of them are not going to be very understanding about things like this.
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Next is this gentle hint. Do not have anybody just horsing around you during this time. Again as both the Cops & the Judge are NOT going to be amused.
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Image result for pissed off judge & cops
Now here is some stuff that I use on my guns. Hopefully they will do just a good a job as they do for me.
First off you need a place that has good ventilation. Since most of this stuff is mildly toxic and fatal if you drink it. (Please Don’t Okay?)

This is my Idea of a real Man’s Garage by the way. (My day will come when I have one as good as this one)

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Next you are going to need some rags. I found that old beach towels or old diapers work best. Since they have leave little lint after their use.
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**WARNING** Do not even think of using your Brides wedding gear. Tempting as it may be at times!
Next you need some cleaning oil and solutions. Now I have been using Breakfree since I was a Rookie in Army Basic. It has never let me down so far. But it is up to you.
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Also some Gun Foam is a real time saver. Especially since it will get into the tiniest crevice of the gun. It is alo very useful to get rid of cosmoline and stubborn grease.
***Just do not get it on Wood Stocks or Grips. As it will take the varnish and stain away very quickly. Also not getting it in your eyes is a very good idea!**
I also found that getting a cheap apron is a good idea. Especially since I am a sloppy child as Mom has repeatedly told me.
Your Dry cleaner will also be happy with you too.
You can buy one usually for under Ten Bucks if you look around. Said the Cheapest Teacher in America.
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This “Q” Tip looking thing. I have found to be really useful also. Just do not put them in your ear. Okay? Amazon has them by the way.

RamRodz 0.22/0.223/5.56 Caliber Gun…
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They come in a variety of caliber sizes also.

Next item to get is some cleaning patches. The Good ones come in various sizes.
I myself usually buy a 22 , 243 size,308 caliber and some shotgun sized ones.  For they will last me for the better part of a year or two. Most gun shops and Sporting good stores have them
Or you can cut up some of your rags to get it done.
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Last but not least. Buy yourself a good brass cleaning  rod for pistols. If you can the US Army use to issue them for their side arms. They are very tough and durable. Mine is over 60 years old.
This is comparable to it.
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Also invest in a couple of patch holders. That & some good copper bore brushes and a toothbrush.  Now this seems a lot.
But I figured out the whole rig cost me un $50 & about a day or two to rustle them up. That & they really help me do a good job and save me also a lot of time to boot.
Which is all things considered. A very cheap & effective insurance policy that does pay off in the long run.
Here below also are some pretty good videos that can also help you in getting this detail done right.