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Some Seriously British Bad Boys

** Trigger warning! The stuff below has some serious adult Conversations and Social Interactions. ***

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Now I am going to give out a few  pieces of serious advice for those folks thinking of going to the United Kingdom for a visit.
When it comes to our cousins across the the Pond. Do not be fooled by their accents or their manners.
So here is a few clues that you might want to remember.
They speak a language that is very similar to the Language we speak here in the USA.
Do not try and drink any of them under the Table! As partaking of spirits is almost a Religion over there!
(They invented Scotch Whiskey and other drinks over there)
Also You may be foolish enough to think that they are a bunch of Sissies.
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Go ahead and tell him, That it’s a skirt!
But trust me on this one! As they have some real hard noses over there. Since one does not go out and conquer the Biggest Empire in History. By being a Poof!
As is shown here.
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So if you get a chance. By all means go! As I had the most fun with my clothes on out there.