A Victory!

From KIM DU TOIT – Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From one of my favorite small towns in America, Tuscaloosa AL comes this little bit of family protection:

Executive summary:  Ex-boyfriend gets nasty, girl’s brother comes to her defense, and ex-boyfriend assumes room temperature soon thereafter.  The details?

“[Ex-boyfriend] Giles had been in a previous relationship with the sister,” Kennedy said. “It was reported that Giles had been physically abusive to her in the past … The residents reported that during the day Saturday Giles made threats to come to the apartment. Giles later arrived at the apartment, broke down the door, entered, and began physically assaulting the sister. As this was occurring, her brother armed himself. The brother fired his weapon and Giles was struck, and did not survive.”

…and justice takes its course.

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