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Columbus police say they are missing 160,000 rounds of ammo by: Anna Hoffman

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Columbus Division of Police is missing around 160,000 rounds of ammunition meant for their officers.

Columbus police said it was stolen from a warehouse on the west side earlier in April. When the division noticed the delivery was short, it contacted the shipping company — who said everything had shipped. The ammunition was stolen before making it to CPD’s facility.

The stolen ammunition was meant for rifles.

Two men involved in another warehouse theft in March are linked to this incident, according to Columbus police.

“The two individuals that have been charged have actually been charged with theft or receiving stolen property out of that initial warehouse that occurred the week prior to the theft of the ammo,” Deputy Chief Smith Weir said. “Those cases have been joined, and we are working collaboratively between the property, crimes bureau, and then some of our other units of detectives.”

32-year-old James Scaff and 36-year-old Christopher Kimmel are charged with theft, according to court records.

But Columbus police are still on the hunt for the missing ammunition, and asked anyone who might have seen it to call them right away — particularly if you have purchased 5.56 ammo in recent weeks.

“If you bought it from someone you know, if you saw it on social media marketplace, if you’ve gone to a gun show and you’ve seen it, we would just like you to let us know,” Weir said. “We track the lot numbers and try to find the ammunition, we will be interested to see where it turns out.”

CPD personnel was questioned, and the division said on their end, all procedures were followed.

—————————————————————————————- Sounds to me to be an inside job & good luck getting any of it back. Grumpy

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