From summer patriot, winter soldier

all indications are that Russian “offensive pushes” are falling apart amid appalling losses, very poor command, and no visible gains …..

russian soldiers and armor are pushed into battle without adequate training and support, and are being stopped before they really get started, and are suffering appalling losses.  performance of troops is horrible.   discipline is summary.   troops are fighting among themselves, and there is no semblance of cooperation between troops from different regions, and different conscription campaigns.

command is a joke.

russian soldiers are dying by the droves.

for russia, it is a tragedy that will take many years, perhaps decades, to recover from.

for the western alliance, for n.a.t.o., it is a gift that no one anticipated just a short year ago …..  the destruction of the russian conventional military.

for china, … , who knows how this cuts, and the chinese are not saying.  territorial gains in russia’s eastern regions, coming to the chinese?  the chinese & russian partnership that some projected?   for the chinese, however it turns out, it looks as though they will finance it; russia cannot be counted on to contribute much, as their spending will be directed towards rebuilding.  at this point, russia would be best advised simply to attend to its survival as a state.

for the ukraine, it is the continued spilling of their life’s blood, and no one knows to what extent, as the ukrainians are not saying.  war is never without costs, even in victory.

john jay @ 02.08.2023

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