Our Great Kids


This photo, taken in 1945, in the Pacific theater, shows Sgt Archie C. Vanskike Sr. (third from left and his three sons, PCF Clarence E. Vanskike, PFC Louis E. Vanskike and PFC Archie R. Vanskike Jr. (they all came from Galveston, Texas). During WWII, when Clarence, Louis and Archie Jr. went off to war, their 43-year-old father decided to go with them.

These four American heroes took part in the New Guinea campaign and the Liberation of the Philippines. Against all odds, they all survived the war and all went back to Texas. This amazing father passed away in 1962, Clarence died in 1978, Louis died in 1979, and Archie died 1988. They are now resting in peace, all together, at Evergreen Cemetery in Galveston.

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