Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends" Cops

Time to put your Retirement Papers in Sheriff

Now do not get me wrong on this one. I am a firm supporter of the Law & of the Cops. Who have a really tough, nasty & unpopular job.

But there comes a time when Honor demands that when one fails the unforgiving moment. That one steps down and let someone else have a turn at the bat. Well, It’s time for Sheriff Israel to go and let hopefully somebody  better to rebuild that police department.


Sheriff Scott J. Israel (D)


BA degree, political science, Cortland State University, 1977; FBI National Academy, 212th Session; Advanced Tactical Management for Commanders; WMD Incident Management/Unified Command SWAT Manager’s Advanced Course; SWAT Supervisor’s Advanced Tactics and Management; Southern Police Institute; Broward County Institute of Criminal Justice, with honors.


Ft. Lauderdale Police Department: patrol officer, 1979-1980; narcotics detective, 1980-1986; special problems officer, 1986-1991; patrol sergeant, 1991-1993; street level narcotic sergeant, 1993-1995; narcotic unit sergeant, 1995-1996; patrol captain, 1996-1999; community policing captain, SWAT commander, 1999-2004; chief of police, North Bay Village Police Department, 2004-2008; elected Sheriff of Broward County, 2012; re-elected 2016.

“Our success will be measured by the number of kids we keep out of jail, not the number we put in jail.”
~ Sheriff Scott J. Israel

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Honors and Affiliations

Dade County PBA “Chief of the Year,” 2005; recognition of appreciation for coordination of LE Response to FTAA, FDLE, 2004; recognition of appreciation, USMS, 2001; Turn Around Fort Lauderdale Citizen’s Award, 1997; recognition of appreciation, USDEA, 1996; Outstanding Recruit in Physical Achievement, Broward Police Academy, 1979; member: Violent Crime and Drug Control Council, Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force, Florida Sheriffs Association, National Sheriffs’ Association, Major County Sheriffs’ Association, IACP, NOBLE, Miami-Dade County Chiefs of Police Association, Florida Police Chiefs Association, International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association, National and Florida Tactical Association, Crime Prevention Coalition of America, F.O.P., South Florida Shomrin Society, Florida Crime Prevention Association, founding member of the Broward SWAT Commander’s Association.

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