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I just found a Great Place to shoot in New Jersey!

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Just kidding Guys!
But really I did & go out to the NYC area to see the newest member of the Tribe. My Granddaughter Willow. (God do I feel both proud & very old now!)
To help celebrate the great event. I then took the Son & Heir to this Range in Woodland  New Jersey. Called “Gun for Hire”.
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Gun For Hire

1267 McBride Ave14 miles from NYCWoodland Park, NJ 07424-2541 (888) 486-3674

Here is what I saw and heard there. In that this place is really big, well organized, clean and the staff really have their shit together! (This is Old Army Slang for “Outstanding” for the Civilians out there)
They also have an impressive collection of mostly pistols for rent. But they also do have a few shotguns and small caliber rifles too. Plus a good selection of ammo for sale. As a added bonus, they have a small Gun Shop there also that is worth taking a peek at.
The bad news is that prices are a bit high but it seems that everything in the NYC Area is always expensive.
So if you are in the area and want to get some range time in or learn more about Guns. Then this is a fine place to go if in the general area.

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