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Texas Man Nails 3 Mile Shot To Set The New Distance Record

Facebook-Bill Poor

Using a custom rifle chambered in .408 Cheyenne Tactical, Bill Poor connected on a 3-mile shot to set what could be a new world record.

Bill Poor, of Tuscola, Texas, reportedly connected on a 3-mile shot Jan. 14, 2018 near Midland. His 5,280-yard shot breaks the unofficial record of 2.84 miles (5,000 yards) set by retired Navy SEAL SEAL Charles Melton in Sept. 2017. And, it shatters the 3,800-yard and 4,210-yard shots the Hill Country Rifle Team made in 2015 and 2016.
Poor used a custom rifle modified by Vestal’s Custom Rifles, chambered in .408 CheyTac, firing a 390-grain bullet at 3,160 feet per second. It took the bullet over 14 seconds to reach the target 3 miles away.

Specifically designed for long-distance shooting, Cheyenne Tactical cartridges are popular among long-distance marksmen. Charles Melton also used a .408 CheyTac to make his 2.8-mile shot last year, and the HCR Team used a .375 CheyTac for both of their epic shots.

Texas Man Nails 3 Mile Shot To Set The New Distance Record
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It reportedly took Poor just eight attempts to hit a 53-inch-wide target when he made his 3-mile shot.
I don’t care who you are, that is some extremely impressive shooting. Unfortunately, the Guinness Book of World Records likely won’t recognize Poor’s record-breaking shot. Apparently, they don’t recognize any shooting records made with optics.

Texas Man Nails 3 Mile Shot To Set The New Distance Record 3
Facebook-Bill Poor

Even so, by making that incredible 3-mile shot, Bill Poor has likely cemented a spot for himself with the top marksmen in the world.
Poor may not have long to hold the record for the longest-distance rifle shot, though. Charles Melton has announced he’ll be attempting a 6,000-yard (3.4 miles) shot soon.
Stay tuned to see how things go.
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