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Huffpo Investigates ‘Why Black People Own Guns’

RJ Young, 30, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo: Huffpo)

Recently, Huffpo published an article titled, “Why Black People Own Guns.”  They interviewed 11 African Americans and asked them why they own guns.  What should be a shocker to absolutely no gun-owning American, self-defense was a recurring theme.  Here are some of the highlights:
“I do feel safer with a firearm even though I’m still nervous, I’m scared, I’m afraid. When I am protected, and my gun is unlocked and loaded, I feel as though I have a chance. It’s either gonna be me or you ― and I can’t be afraid of whatever happens at that point.”
— Courtney Cable, 39 of Detroit, Michigan

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“I always tell people who are thinking about getting into gun ownership that a gun is not an end-all, be-all. There’s a 50-50 chance that you can still die or perish at the hands of somebody else with a gun or a knife or a car or any other weapon. But it’s that 50 percent chance that I will take over a 100 percent chance of not being able to defend myself.”
— Carlton LeFlore, 30, of Winter Garden, Florida.
“America would not have even been created without firearms. Some people say it’s a contradiction for me as an African-American man to have a position: ‘When they wrote the Second Amendment, they didn’t mean it for you.’ I don’t give a fuck who they meant it for. It’s mine now.”
— Maj Toure, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The truth is black people own guns for the same reasons everyone else owns guns. They want to protect themselves! The real question is why is the media and Left so puzzled by it?  It’s almost as if they lament black gun ownership. Like they’re telling the black community, “You’re not supposed to fall out of lockstep with Progressive dogma.  You’re not supposed to own guns.  You’re not supposed to think for yourself.”

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