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Affordable Solution for Gun Storage — DU-HA Systems by JON HODOWAY on JANUARY 20, 2018

For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for a solid solution for storing my gear in my vehicle in such a way that it is both secure and easily accessible. I have owned all manner of sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks, and it seems that no matter the vehicle there was always an available storage space that was completely available, but not very safe, secure or even convenient. Luckily, DU-HA has come up with an affordable solution.
Over the years, I’ve purchased all kinds of tool boxes, bedcovers, and organizers. They all just seemed to be built for construction workers or soccer moms, but when I’d consider products that were made for the gun and outdoor enthusiasts, they were well beyond my price range. My only option was to cobble together these alternatives. One day, while flipping through the Cabela’s catalog, I saw the DU-HA storage unit. This innovative product was designed to rest underneath the rear seat of a pickup truck, holding guns and shooting gear. Best of all, I could pick a color to match the interior of my truck, and have it delivered to my door for under $200. I had spent much more than that on fancy toolboxes and containers that still didn’t meet my needs. So, I ordered my first DU-HA product, and I have been a customer ever since.

DU-HA: What’s in a Name?

During SHOT Show 2017, Dan Ouren, the brainchild behind DU-HA gave me the background of his company. He explained that in 2003, he was frustrated with trying to store his gear under the seat of his Chevy Silverado. Dan told me that he had asked one of his good friends, Dennis Tuel Jr. to help him to bring his idea to life. Dan was typically a marketing guy, and his skill set matched well with Dennis’s engineering background.
Fairly early in the process, it was decided that the best way to make the product was using polyethylene material and the rotational molding process. Drawings were completed, patents were applied for, and a cast aluminum mold was ordered. And yet they still didn’t have a name for the product.
They wanted to make sure that they gave it a name that would be catchy and memorable. They settled on DU-HA, which they thought of as a catchall word like whatchamacallit, doodad, doohickey or thingamajig. I must admit that DU-HA is one of those simple words that are easy for people to remember. I’ve had plenty of friends ask me about my under-seat organizer, and all I have to say is “Put DU-HA into a search engine and it will take you right to it.” According to Dan, the name was also somewhat of a reference to a hunting dog. I guess that’s fitting, as this product certainly lends itself well to hunting.


  • Under/Behind the Seat Storage: $199
  • Tote: $379
  • Tote with Slide Unit: $459
  • Humpstor: $299

Storage you can use

For storage to be usable, I think there are certain attributes it must have.

  1. Secure; either hidden out of sight or completely lockable
  2. Easy to install, easy to remove.
  3. Works with almost every combination of guns and gear, without requiring the purchase of additional accessories
  4. Takes up a minimum amount of space inside my vehicle, or in the bed of a truck.
  5. Fast and easy accessibility, without a lot of climbing or lifting in uncomfortable positions.
  6. Low Profile; it shouldn’t stand out at a casual glance
  7. Weathertight; I want to be able to go through a car wash, blizzard, sandstorm or tornado without leakage.

Security is probably the first prerequisite on the list. If your guns and gear aren’t held securely, what’s the point? Modularity is also a key consideration, in my opinion. One day I may be hunting and have two shotguns with full-length barrels, and on my next outing I may have a shotgun with an 18-inch barrel along, with an AR-15 with an optic mounted on top.
I don’t want to have to go through a lot of change-over based on what type of gear I need to store that day. To me, convenience means being able to access my gear without spending a lot of time opening compartments and climbing in and out of the bed of the truck. Finally, I’m not looking for a long-term commitment to use the storage. It should be easy to install and easy to remove. This all sounds so simple, but every other solution I have come across has been expensive, and required lots of installation time. These products have also been, for all intents and purposes, semi-permanent.

DU-HA Under Seat Storage Units

These containers allow you to store your guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing gear, tackle, power tools, rain gear, tow ropes, tie-down straps, first aid kit, bungee straps, jack, chains, jumper cables, you name it; securely under or behind the back seat of your truck. Included with each unit is a 2-piece gun rack/organizer to safely store your guns.
The best part about the DU-HA under seat storage unit is that it reclaims space that is mostly wasted or underutilized. The under-seat/behind seat unit is installed with 2 nylon straps under or behind the rear seat of your pickup truck. When the rear seats are put in the down positions, the storage unit is almost invisible. This is due to it matching the interior color of your truck. I have never had anyone even notice the unit unless the seats were up. I have had lots of folks ask about it once they see how well it works.
Constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene, it is very durable and easy to install in just minutes.
DU-HA offers a locking attachment that will secure the seat in the down position with key access.
In my truck, I store a Remington 870 shotgun and an AR-15, extra ammunition for both, a first aid kit, and a kit with gear to help me get back home. All of this is stored without taking up any of the passenger area of the truck. No more instructions of “Oh, just scoot that rifle on over, Chief” when passengers are trying to climb in!
DU-HA has units for most trucks with back seats. If you have a subwoofer or an amp installed from the factory, they have units that will accommodate these sound systems.

DU-HA Tote

The DU-HA Tote holds your tools, rifles, shotguns, ammo, and other items in the rear cargo area of your vehicles and trailers. It can be mounted inside your SUV or in the bed of your pickup truck or trailer. It is weather tight and secure, and will hold four long guns with scopes securely in an upright position.
This tote is made for work during the week and the woods on the weekend. It is versatile, with easy to change configurations. With wheels and handles on both ends, it is removable and portable. You can bring it into work with you, and if you need the full use of your bed or storage space it takes seconds to remove. I recommend the adding the slide unit this secures your tote from sliding around while driving and allows you to lock it in place. The assembly and installation was finished in under an hour and only added two holes to the bed of my truck.
The lid is lockable, with three latches to keep the lid secure. The latches accept standard padlocks. There are recessed trays and cup holders molded into the lid, along with channels to allow water to drain off. Included inside the box are removable organizer/ divider/ gun racks, along with 2 removable trays that rest just below the lid.
The tote can be pulled on 2 wheels like a roller suitcase, with handles on either end. Using the included strap, you can pull the tote on all four wheels. If you have a friend with you, the tote is also easy to carry between you with the study end handles. I have one of these units in the bed of my truck, but I think I could easily fit and utilize three of them with no problems.

DU-HA Humpstor

The Humpstor takes its name from where it rides: in the bed of the truck, over the wheel well. This all-in-one storage unit gives you extra dry, secure storage in the bed of your truck without taking up valuable bed floor space.
The Humpstor installs easily with brackets that clamp to the lip of the bed rail. The brackets can be adjusted up or down according to your height preference. This allows you to use the Humpstor with a bed cover.
All the hardware to mount the Humpstor is included, along with removable internal gun rack mounts to hold 2 long guns without scopes, securely.
The Humpstor has a sealed lid to keep out moisture and dust. The lid is lockable with 3 latches that take standard padlocks. The lid has recessed trays and cup holders molded into it, along with channels to allow water to drain off.

A solution for Your Storage

These products are all made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Heck, DU-HA is so sure you will like these that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well. Their cost is reasonable compared to other storage solutions. I got all three of these for what another company wanted for just one in bed storage unit.
For more information about DU-HA systems, click here.

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