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Armed Antifa Apparently Involved In Charlottesville Death Of Heather Heyer BY HERSCHEL SMITH

Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina anthropology professor and leader of the armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, has admitted to chasing James Alex Fields Jr. with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters — killing Heather Heyer.
This new revelation adds some insight into what was happening in the moments leading up to the fatal incident.
In a Facebook post by Dixon on January 7, obtained by the Gateway Pundit, he wrote:
“I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.”

Apparently, they are involved to some degree or other.  I know I’ve panned Redneck Revolt before, and true enough they appear to be generally incompetent, lazy, philosophically incoherent, goofy and miserable.
But the moral of the story here is that if you intend to go armed at rallies for the purpose of protecting others, you’d better be prepared to use those arms and suffer the consequences for it, whatever they may be.  This isn’t a game folks.
Frankly, I am of the opinion that no rally is going to convince anyone to rethink their flawed views of history, question their world view, or ameliorate bad decisions in politics.  A rally cannot undo the effects of a century of false teaching embedded into the consciousness of multiple generations.
The sons and daughters of hippies are statists and collectivists.  It’s always been this way.  If you believe nothing, your children will believe anything.

No wonder why the Kids at College are so fired up. With guys like this feeding them ideas about stuff that leads down a dangerous road.                                                                                Grumpy

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