Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Some more ideas about Classroom Discipline

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Ah the good old Days, Sadly though this has gone the way of the Dodo! But that is just the way it is.
So what is today’s teacher suppose to do? Especially when you get called to the office to “talk” to your supervisor. About their “concerns” of your classroom management.
(Yes Teachers also get sent to the office for screwing up!)
Here are a few thoughts of mine that you might want to ponder upon.
Almost everyone at school does NOT want to be there! Shocking huh? I myself could rattle off a dozen or so things or places that I rather be & or doing. But since I have these horrible habits of paying my bills & eating. Guess what!
School can be & is extremely boring most of the time! Plus we teach a lot of stuff that nobody will most likely never use. I am retired now so I can safely say this heresy.
Most students only go to school to see their friends & not get hassled by their parents. (If the parents actually care which most Thank God do!)
So here we go!

  1. Learn to make deals with your students! If you do this & is then I will do this and this in return.
  2. No student is a like but they all have some things in common.
  3. That is respect, fair dealings and reasonable standards
  4. They all have something to give & will give it if you give them a chance.
  5. There is going to a good chance that you will be the only REAL Adult that they will see & deal with all day. Scary huh?
  6. You represent the State & Authority. Which can cause  a lot resentment for no reason whatsoever. Who ever said life was fair was lying & an idiot too!                                                                                                                                                                                                         So what does this mean in the Queen’s English you say?

Deals – Now in real life a Teacher has really got zero juice when it comes to real power. But the Kids generally do not know this.
So here are a few things that worked for me. “If the student shows up and does not screw the pooch for say the week. Then I am prepared to do this….(Call the parent & say Junior is really doing well this week. Write a positive letter to them or commendation, give out a reference for a job etc etc.)”
I myself had a student of the week / month program & good grams based on GPA & behavior/ That worked pretty good.
Student Contracts – Where both you & the student agree that WE are going to do our best! Strangely this really works!
Some more stuff later on!

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