Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Classroom Discipline or How to control the Chaos that is today's Classroom

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If it only so easy! All right now let us begin to look at this issue.Related image
Now as a Teacher running a class is not as easy as it looks. Everyday will bring new challenges and issues that will try to turn your classroom into a jungle.
So what to do? Let us start off with some ideas and dreams that a lot of folks have.  But have not worked at least for me.
Here is the 1st One – The Army Drill Sgt. ModeRelated image
Having been in the US Army. I can tell you that at times. That this works a little but not for long. In that you get tired very quickly and the Students are quickly turned off!
Plus this can happen now in the Age of Helicopter Parents & Cell Phones.Image result for teachers being friends with students
Or how about being your Students friends. Nah I do not think so! As it is another great way to end your teaching career!Image result for teacher going to jail memes
Okay so what do you propose instead?
Glad that you asked! So here goes on what I learned in 24 years of teaching in an inner city classroom.

  1. Most Students want to know where they stand and what is expected of them.
  2. Yes they are some spawns of Satan out there. But not too many fortunately.
  3. Most kids want to learn something but not everything that you want to teach.
  4. Your most powerful tool is your mouth & it is also your worst enemy.
  5. Your mantra should be firm, fair & consistantancy.
  6. You must set the example for your students to follow.
  7. Your rules for OUR classroom should be clear, simple and understandable.
  8. You will be tested on this everyday. But if you can stand the gaff, then you will slowly win over the majority of your students.                                                                                                             More later Grumpy


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