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Smith & Wesson Rolls Out M&P Shield 2.0 in 10 Different Flavors

The updated M&P Shield 2.0 pistols now have optional integral laser sights by Crimson Trace. (Photo: S&W/Facebook)

Smith & Wesson is giving their Shield series of M&P handguns a major update. The company is adding five new 2.0 versions in 9mm Luger and .40 S&W for a total of 10 new Shield pistols.
The biggest addition to the Shield series is a run of guns with integral Crimson Trace laser sights built into the frame. Like previous Shield pistols, these guns are available with and without manual thumb safeties.
The other new Shields have smooth frames with and without thumb safeties. Smith & Wesson is also offering a no-safety Shield 2.0 with factory night sights instead of the standard 3-dot steel sights.
All of the new Shields incorporate the rest of the improved M&P 2.0 features including a new grip texture and enhanced trigger with an audible and tactile reset.

The red-light lasers use Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation switches. (Photo: S&W)

Otherwise these new guns stay true to the originals. They’re all thin, lightweight, polymer-framed, striker-fired single-stack pistols for everyday concealed-carry. While the standard frames don’t have rails, they are contoured for Shield-specific accessories including lights and laser sights.
All M&P Shield 2.0 pistols can be disassembled without pulling the trigger for added safety. They come with flush and extended magazines and weigh less than 19 ounces unloaded, including the laser sight models.
The M&P Shield 2.0 series is offered with black frames and stainless steel slides with a black Armornite finish. We expect to see other colors and configurations down the line. Original Shield pistols are available in a wide variety of chamberings and patterns.
Standard capacity for the 9mm pistols is 7+1 with flush magazines and 8+1 with the extended mags. In .40 S&W they hold 6+1 with flush mags and 7+1 with the extended magazines.
The 3-dot and laser sight models ship with one flush and one extended magazine while the night sight models ship with three magazines, one flush and two extended.

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All are priced to move with MSRPs starting at $479. The laser sight models only cost $20 more at $499. The night sight versions run $579 but that includes the extra magazine on top of the tritium sights — easily worth more than $100 by themselves.
For now, it looks like Smith & Wesson will offer both the M&P 2.0 series alongside the original Shield pistols. It will take some time for the 2.0 series to develop before Smith & Wesson can even think about phasing out any of the earlier models.
The classic Shield series is also a little more affordable with lower MSRPs starting at $449. Still, for just $30 more, the 2.0 series has a lot of appeal.
With the one-two combination of original Shield and Shield 2.0 pistols Smith & Wesson is aggressively going after the concealed-carry market. If you’re looking for a light, polymer single-stack, Smith & Wesson has a Shield for you.
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