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A Double-Barreled AR, Meet the Gilboa ‘Snake’ – Available in December!

The Snake! A double-barreled AR from Gilboa. That snakeskin coating is a nice touch!

While at NASGW this week, GunsAmerica’s managing editor Laura Kovarik spotted the “Snake,” the double-barreled AR from Gilboa.
Introduced back in 2014, the Snake definitely roused some interest but due to the original design it had to overcome a hurdle before it would be ready for primetime.

Note the two separate triggers.

There was a single trigger system that fired rounds through both barrels simultaneously.  This was problematic because it was classified as “machine gun” under the NFA.  One pull of the trigger can launch only one round — not two, according to our ATF overlords.
Gilboa has since fixed this compliance issue by installing two triggers.  Shooters can still fire two rounds off at once, but they have to pull both triggers to do so.

The stock doesn’t appear to be adjustable.

Gilboa has showcased different versions of the Snake over the years, with barrel lengths ranging from 9.5-, 11.5-, and 16-inches. What’s been consistent on all the model is that they have ambidextrous controls and are 100 percent compatible with standard AR parts.

Pretty cool, right?

For those of you who’ve been tracking this rifle, we’ve got some great news.  It should be available this December!  Just in time for Christmas.
The MSRP is expected to be $2,200-2,400.  To learn more, make sure you visit the Gilboa website.
SORRY but it’s UGLY as sin!

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