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Some Gun Gear Things that have really worked out well for me

Now over the past several decades of shooting. (God does that ever sound pompous!)
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No not really!
I have found some stuff that makes some good gear to have around. No I am not getting paid (as of yet) to say this. So here we go!

  One of the most useful things that I have found over the years for cleaning your guns after shooting. Was this cleaning fluid called Break Free or CLP.  
  I first used it in the Army a long time ago in the early 80’s. Where I was very pleasantly surprised by it. That and a little will go a very long way. Usually a bottle will last me almost 6 months. (During the year I go to the range about 30 times by the way)
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Their cleaning  foam by the way. Will really do a job on cleaning out the metal on a gun. Just make sure that it DOES NOT GET ON ANY WOOD! As it will take the finish off like crazy asap!
 It is also extremely useful in getting rid of old cosmoline that is caked on by the way.
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Also a  bench rest for shooting my various very heavy Benchrest Rifles has proven a great help to me. I most highly recommend it for the more seasoned (Old Farts like me)/ Veteran shooters.Image result for benchrest
I have been using this model below  now for quite a few years now.
It is a Hoppe’s Expert’s Bench Rest Front Shooting Rest
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The great thing about is that it is made of cast metal. So it will be probably be used by my Great Grand Kids. Since I always remember what my Dad (The Chemist) saying. “Plastics are no damn good in the long run”.
  I have priced them and you can get one usually under $69 bucks if you look hard enough.
One piece cleaning rods
I have also been lucky in using this. The only problem being that if you shoot various calibers , pistols and long arms. You might have to buy a couple of them in various sizes. But there are fairly cheap and will last a long time.
Here is what I use,

Dewey 1-Piece Cleaning Rod

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Scopes That I have found that go to good job. But will not break the bank. Think BSA, Redfield, Nikon. Also if you are careful. Sometimes you can get some good used ones at the Gunshows at reasonable prices. But remember the motto- Buyer Beware!

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If you go to the local gun shows. I have seen these for sale for under $150.00. Considering how expensive some of the other brands are.
This is almost as good in my humble opinion.

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