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The Most Lethal Pistol in History for so far at least!

This pistol is the one that was used to Kill the Archduke Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire & his wife in 1914.
This event in turn became the source of the First World War. Or as I call it, Europe’s first serious attempt at Suicide.

This what the Old boy looked like before he got shot. All by accounts he was a pretty decent guy.
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This is what the punk / terrorist / freedom Fighter that pulled the Trigger looked like. He died in a Austrian prison from disease during the war.
So indirectly this nondescript looking semi automatic pistol. Is the root cause of the death of about  16 million. Also the First World War led in turn to WWII  and the death of another 60 million. Give or take.
This was stolen via A Herd of The