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Some other Ideas about Shooting Folks or not!

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Now I have a couple of thoughts on this grisley issue. It seems to me from what that I have see and read from a lot of folks. There seems to be a lot of folks who actually seem to want to shoot somebody. You know who I am talking about right?

  Like at the Gunshows or on TV that keep stressing on how to use tactical methods and combat situations. Or some of those very scary looking and talking dudes at the local Gun Show.
 I just do not get it myself. But if the fantasy helps you sleep well at night. Then so be it.
  Me? I am one of those folks. Who has seen enough real violence at first hand. That if I never have to do it or see again. That would be just fine by me.
  Now let us move one to the real world. Here are a few ideas on how to avoid this problem.
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1. Do not go down to the bad part of town. Especially at night!
2. Avoid certain types of folks. Like Bikers, Drug Dealers, Cops, Fighting Drunks and stupid, lazy & crazy folks. This seems to me at least to be a good idea.
3. Avoid the Bar scene especially the rougher ones. We all know where those are right? I mean hey! Get with the here & now. Computer dating is the way to go!
4. Going to the ATM in the middle of the night. Or flashing a lot of cash!
     Are you crazy! Most folks are either getting ready to go to bed or a    sleep.
   (“Hey Old Buddy! I will be there in the first thing in the AM to bail you
      out okay? Good Night!”)
5. Going to the Liquor Store or 7-11 during the night.
  “Honey you need diapers? Okay here use this old T Shirt of mine. I will
    go get some more in the AM.”
6. Avoid Riots! If you get caught up in one. Then get the hell out of there.
    As there are very few causes worth dying for. That and 5 years from
  Now let us go to some of the favorite scenerios of the Gun Advertisers
  Its late at night! You hear a noise and you go check it out with your gun in your hand to save & protect your family.
  Sorry Rambo! But its either your kid trying to sneak out or in. Or it is the cat.
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  So I am willing to bet a lot of cash. That I think your spouse and or the Cops are not going to be too thrilled about that either. Jail by the way is not fun!
   Here is a little something else that my Students / Thugs taught me. When I was teaching in Juvenile Hall.
***Most criminals break into your house during day time. When everyone is at work or school. Best thing to do is get a dog instead.  My Former Students also really do not want to get shot either!****
  Or how about the other one that has been around since the Back Yard Bomb Shelter Scare / Scam of the 1950’s. (Which you have turned into a wine cellar years ago.)
  Something Bad / Horrible has happened!!! (Pick your choice of Nuclear War / Winter, Aliens from Space or Mecca, Terrorist Attack,  Climate Change, EMP, Plague or what have you.)  What ever, it is going to be Bloody Awful!
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  Me? Nah!
  If things are going to get that bad. Hey I would of left here a long time ago with my family. Why are you still here?
   Because if the Big one is going off. Then I am going be to run right toward the cloud. Because I am sure as Hell is not fun. Do not want to live in another Dark Age.
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Bottom Line – Fear is almost as good as sex when it comes to selling stuff. Me?  I am going to spend my cash on other things, That and have as much fun as I still can.
Maybe you might think about that also!
PS This does not mean that I will have no problem with introducing you to my “little friend of mine”.
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What so ever though if someone messes with me,  my family, friends or my stuff.
Then its “Gee Officer! I just do not know what happened! Better talk to my Lawyer and we will figure this one out Okay?”
That and this other nugget of advice, “Hey Officer, can you double lock the handcuffs pretty please?  That & can I be put in solitary when we get to the Station? “