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Buying a Rifle Part 2

********Trigger Warning – Adult Profanity coming up!**********

Yeah I am a real windy Bastard at times. So thank you for bearing with me so far!
  Now where was I? Oh yeah buying a Rifle! As you can see my my C.R.S.* is acting up!
 Let us say that you have found a worthy candidate of a Rifle to add to you group of foster guns. As President Teddy Roosevelt (The Good Roosevelt*) would say “Bully!”.
  Right! Now is the time to turn on your cold hard eyes and do a serious inventory on the condition of this Long Arm.
Now I generally start from the Butt or bottom of a rifle and move my way up.
Does this rifle have a but plate or a recoil pad on it. If so what shape is it in?
If it has a recoil pad. How hard is it. I have bought some rifles that the pad could break concrete.
If you have to replace the pad. Then it will probably cost you a C Note or $100 dollars to those Yankees out there.
Are there any cracks, scars, scratches,blemishes on or near the toe & heel of the butt? If yes then pass on it. Unless you get a big discount.
Yes! You can replace a stock. But that is very expensive. With either your choice of wood or a good plastic one.   (I hate most plastic gun parts by the way)
So when I say expensive think at least $200 and up. IF you can find a good Gun Smith & if he has time for it. So add another couple of hundred to the tally.
NO I AM NOT TRY TO SCARE YOU! But I do want you to go in with your eyes open Okay?
Unless you can get a good deal on E bay. But that can be a gamble at times with E bay.
More later
* Theodore was a great sportsman and had a great collection of guns. Hopefully one day. I can go to Oyster Bay, NY and see his home. Which has been turned into a Museum. Serious Hint – By the by. Did I mention that I take gifts on Paypal by the way?