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Buying a Rifle- Part 1

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Now I have written before about buying a pistol and later on I will post something about Shot guns.

If you have the burden of living in the Peoples Republic of California and some other states*. You are going to have to buy a gun safe. But I will write about these at a later date. But it is a good idea anyways.
  Now again Rifles come in these basic formats
Gun Infographic (see link for more) - visit us at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, Sparta, ILor the Fully automatic mode like the AK-47**
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Assault Rifles like the AK-47** – Which contrary to Media BS is basically illegal to have in Most Places in the USA.

** There are versions of the AK-47 out there. But they are only Semi Automatic. They can be converted to full Auto. But if you do & when you get caught. Your new Room mate is called Bubba and he thinks that you have a pretty face.
So unless you do not want to get in touch with your other sexual self. I highly recommend not doing this foolish thing!