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M&P Shield EZ Comparison: .30 Super Carry, 9mm, and .380.

2 replies on “M&P Shield EZ Comparison: .30 Super Carry, 9mm, and .380.”

I see red flags whenever reviewers say “fills the gap between….” This usually signals a deficit of meaningful benefits provided by a new cartridge.

In the case of the 30 Super Carry the primary benefit seems to be a 25% increase in mag capacity over 9mm without loss of energy (whether the equivalent energy translates to stopping power remains to be proven). That claim is factually valid as demonstrated in the video, but specious since I can carry 10 or 12 in my 9mm Sig P365, which is smaller than the Shield-EZ. If you feel a need more capacity than that then you need a spare mag or a bigger gun.

And the new ammo costs 50% more, which is a real issue today. Spending that premium on training or just putting 50% more 9mm practice rounds down-range would be of far greater benefit in any potential gunfight than carrying a couple of extra rounds.

The 30 Super Carry appears to share the benefits of increased capacity with equivalent power that make a 9mm a better 21st century choice than a .40. But it lacks the added benefits of better controllability, lower cost, and ubiquity that would make it a better choice.

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