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Alec Baldwin To Host Exciting New Game Show ‘Is It Loaded?’ by the

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Despite lingering legal issues stemming from the accidental shooting death on the set of one of his films, TLC announced that actor Alec Baldwin would be hosting an exciting new game show called Is It Loaded?

The new show, set to debut this fall, will feature Baldwin brandishing a variety of projectile weapons in front of a studio audience while leading them to shout in unison the tagline “IS…IT…LOADED?”

“It’s a cutting-edge concept,” said the network’s programming director Mark Yarber. “The money is always real, but you never know about the bullets. And who better to host than Alec Baldwin? Put some potentially loaded weapons in his hands, and see what happens next! It was an easy sell for the network execs.”

The actor expressed eagerness to be a part of the new project. “It’s an exciting opportunity,” Baldwin said in a press release. “There’s just something about having a weapon in my hand near a crowd of people. The tension just keeps building as we get closer and closer to finding out… Is It Loaded?

Members of the studio audience would reportedly be required to sign waivers, for obvious reasons. “Let’s be real,” Yarber said. “Anyone willing to walk into a studio where Alec Baldwin could potentially be wielding deadly weapons is taking their lives in their hands. But think of how exciting it will be!”

At publishing time, producers of the game show were reportedly having trouble finding people to fill the positions of armorer and cinematographer.

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