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416 Rigby vs 416 Rem Mag

Okay now let us come back to Planet Earth guys & ladies. Sadly most of us will not be going to Alaska or the Game Rich land of Africa anytime soon. Also the chances of a problem breaking out at the circus are mighty slim to say the least. Plus Godzilla is dead.

Now I am as gulity as the next fellow. In that have owned and shot a LOT of the big boys guns. Frow the 300 H&H up to the 50 Calibers.

Yes I include my time in the Army and still love Ma Deuce with a passion. The same with the Barret, but thanks to old ARNOLD. (Yeah, you thought I forgot about you old Steriods Junkie you huh!?! Not Bloody likely!!!!) Let us say, the chances of me legally owning either one in LA. Well let us say that they are mighty dim to say the least.

Now to be fair it is a real ego booster, when you crank off one of these Monsters at your local rifle range. Then go”Thats right you bunch of pussies, this is what a REAL MAN shoots!” To the peasants astonished faces.

But then you get home and there is this huge and painful welt on your shoulder & your back is saying “What the F*ck did you do to me?”  Plus there is a slight matter of your wallet saying “HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR THAT IFLE & AMMO!?! And trust me your wallet knows Brother!

So the Bottom Line really is this,so when propaganda like this comes a long. Try to remember that unless you are a gun writer that gets published. Or win the Lottery and Uncle Sam leaves you a substantial amount of  your winnings.

There really is no real reason on why the average gun owner should own one of these Guns of Navarone.(Another hint-A great war movie & worth buying the DVD of it!)Yeah I know, I know! It is a lot of fun to whip one of these monsters to show to your gun buddies.But maybe this broken down rifleman. Just might know wtf he is talking about?Nah!!! * Grumpy

  • Why does the terms “Young Dumb & full of cum & or Pride goes before a Fall”?

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