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Buckshot: Shooting it Through Drywall and Doors by

In this YouTube video, we provide an in-depth analysis of Winchester buckshot, examining its composition, performance, and versatility. Join us as we break down this renowned ammunition, exploring its internal components, and showcasing its effectiveness in various scenarios.

Unveiling the Anatomy

Discover the intricate internal structure of Winchester buckshot. Witness the amalgamation of lead pellets, wads, and propellant, all meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance.

Buckshot shells opened up

Through the Door

Experience the raw power of Winchester buckshot as it effortlessly penetrates a door. Witness its potential for home defense scenarios.

Pumpkins Beware

Pumpkins being shot with shotgun

Observe these shotgun shells in action as it obliterates pumpkins. Witness the impressive spread and stopping power of this ammunition.

Demolishing Drywall

Explore the effects of Winchester buckshot on drywall. Witness the controlled chaos as shots tear through the material, revealing valuable insights into the ammunition’s performance.

Buckshot through drywall, insulation, plywood, and pumpkin!
Testing buckshot through a mock outside wall.

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