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A Rock Island Arsenal 1903 BOLT ACTION RIFLE CALIBER in caliber 30-06 SPRG

As I have said before. Let us say that you are a person of modest means (What use to be called Blue Collar) & you wish to own a  medium caliber rifle.

All right & well as far as it goes. So you go down to the local Gun Emporium in search for a bolt action rifle. Where upon you get assaulted by sticker shock of the umpth degree. How much for USED Model 70 or 700!!?!! WTF as thats well over a weeks pay for me!!! No frigging way!!!

Then you glance upon this diamond in the rough. Yeah, its missing some blueing and the front sight remainder is not making your heart pound. But the price is vastly more attractive to say the least.

So you ask to see it. Then you almost automatically open the action to check to make sure its unloaded. Hey this thing is substantial!! What with no plastic on it and real wood too. Plus it has a scope on it Hmmm……..

Alright then lets do it. So off you go to the range to zero it in & at that point the magic starts to shows up. As it almost seems to want to please you. What with the smoothness of the action. The good pattern it gives you at 100 yards. Plus the ease of finding ammo for it, unlike some ammo that the Gun Companies are trying to shove down our throats.

(Remember those fat bottom WSM rounds? You sure don’t see them too often at the Deer Camp lately do you?)

Now you can do a few things that will make it a lot better. Like getting a timney trigger, better scope and a good recoil pad. But thats about it. Then you will have a rifle that is almost as good as say a Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 for well under half the price of one.

Just saying!

Grumpy who use to have a mess of sporterized 1903’s before the tragic boating accident.

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