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World War 2 Dogfights The British Hawker Tempest Dogfight Vs Bf-109 | IL-2

I know that this is going to get me into trouble with some folks. In that I know that while it no doubt got the job done. The Hawker was one of THE UGLIEST Airplanes that I have ever seen.

(You will now have to trust me on this one! As my folks were hard core pilots. Who truly loved nothing more than to go up in the air with their single engine Cessna etc. So I have sent my time around airborne taxis as I call them.)

Which is strange as the Brits produced some real easy on the eyes warplanes. For example, I offer up the Sopwith Camel, the Mosquito and the imcomparabe Spitfire. So I guess that even the Brits can’t bat a thousand either, go Figure! Grumpy

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