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Activist Group Wants to Ban Gun Sales in Jackson, Mississippi 2nd Amendment – R2KBA Current Events This Week

Members of an activist group called Reset Jackson recently rallied at the Mississippi state Capitol, reports WAPT. They taped the “Capital City Gun Safety Act” to the Capitol doors, appealing directly to lawmakers.

Joined by Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes, the organization’s demands were clear. A complete (and unconstitutional) halt on firearm and ammunition sales in the city.

They believe stopping these sales will reduce the city’s high crime rate. Ten homicides have already taken place this year.

“We have marched, we have begged, we have picketed, we have done everything humanly possible to stop this gun violence,” said Councilman Stokes in an interview with WJTV.

“They have hired more police officers, but we do not have a state law that prohibits and again, I must say it, the advertising and sale of firearms and ammunition within the city limits of Jackson,” he continued.

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“Bringing all these gun shows, come in here dropping off guns, pawn shops and everything else has got to stop,” Stokes added.

This rally was their third this year. A symbolic motorcade of funeral cars highlighted potential future victims.

Their legislative push coincides with Gov. Tate Reeves’ “Operation Unified” announcement. This operation involves the FBI, Capitol Police, and Homeland Security combating drug trafficking and violent crime.

Gov. Reeves vowed not to surrender the streets to criminals.

“Jacksonians deserve to live in peace, and they should not have to fear for their safety while running errands or commuting to work,” Reeves told the AP. “Together with our local and federal partners, we will put a stop to it.”

However, Reset Jackson insists that new gun control laws are essential for Operation Unified’s success.

Reset Jackson CEO James Hopkins is urging politicians to ban the sale of firearms and ammo in the city. (Photo: WAPT)

“They said they are going to put their foot down in so many words well now it’s time for you to do what you preach…It’s time for you to step up to the plate,” Reset Jackson CEO James Hopkins told WAPT.

“You say you want to shut violence down in the city of Jackson…well, that sign up there just put the ball in your court,” he added.

It’s clear that the pain felt by the Jackson community is profound, but banning firearms and ammunition sales won’t stop the violence.

The core issue lies in the presence of criminal gangs and drug-related activities, as Gov. Reeves alluded to. As long as these elements persist, violence will continue, whether through firearms, knives, or other means.

(Photo: NIH)

Moreover, the ineffectiveness of total bans is undeniable. The United States has long prohibited the sale of illegal drugs, but the nation continues to grapple with a high incidence of drug overdoses.

This stark reality highlights a critical point: bans don’t stop troubled people from sourcing prohibited items and committing harmful acts.

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