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Experts expect California’s background checks for ammunition law to go to US Supreme Court sacramento By Kenny Choi

The war on regulation in California is escalating.

Gun violence prevention advocates say it’s saving lives, while gun rights supporters argue it’s regulation overkill.

“If you ask me if it was something that made shooting difficult, yes it was,” said Stolfi.

Stolfi is using a World War 2 era M-1 carbine for target practice.

“The imposition of needing a background check, and vendors not wanting to send ammunition to California, it became problematic for me to find this ammunition for this rifle with ease,” said Stolfi.

The Cloverdale resident has been buying gun powder and primers to hand load cartridges for many of his rifles since the tighter ammo restrictions were put in place.

Experts expect the case that is challenging state law requiring background checks for purchasing ammunition to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. For Bradley Stolfi, he supports common sense gun regulation.

“I think every firearm should require a background check and it should be thorough,” said Stolfi.

But a state law implemented in 2019 requiring in-person background checks for ammunition isn’t one of them.

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