Armed Woman Defends Man Who Was Shot In the Face BY Kimber Pearce

Armed Woman Shoots, Defends Man Who Was Shot In the Face
Shelby Police Station. (Photo: Fox News)

An armed North Carolina woman stepped in and saved a fellow citizen last week after he was shot in the face.

According to the Shelby Police Department, Unterio M Jolly, a 33-year-old man went to the home of another man and started a verbal fight. Eventually, around 6 pm, the two went their separate ways.

It was about half an hour later when Jolly returned with a gun and allegedly shot the victim. Jolly hit the victim in the face and shoulder, Captain Seth Treadway of the SPD said.

Armed Citizen Saves the Day

According to the Shelby Star, “A concerned citizen shot back trying to protect the man and hit Jolly about five times.”

This woman, whose name has not been released, had a concealed carry license. Police said she was armed with a legally owned firearm. She acted quickly to defend the victim before he could be shot again.

According to Colion Noir News, “The unidentified woman likely saved the victim’s life.”

Jolly and the victim were both treated for their wounds. Recent reports from Fox News say that Jolly is in critical condition. The victim had non-life-threatening injuries.

Treadway said the police department is working with the District Attorney’s office to finalize the charges.

The woman who saved the day will most likely not receive any charges. Jolly, however, is being charged with multiple felonies, including felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Be Ready To Defend

A report by KFF highlights that over half of Americans are likely to encounter gun violence in their lifetime. This story showcases a woman who was equipped and ready to respond effectively.

However, not everyone will have someone like her at hand in such situations. It’s crucial to take straightforward steps towards preparedness. Equipping yourself to protect not only yourself but others as well, as this woman did, could be a decisive factor in safeguarding lives.

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