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Report: U.S.S. Carney Intercepts Missiles Fired by Iran-backed Houthis near Yemen by JOEL B. POLLAK

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles Wednesday at the U.S.S. Carney off the coast of Yemen, according to news reports.

ABC News reported:

A U.S. Navy destroyer has been involved in a security incident in the Red Sea, a U.S. official said Thursday.

The USS Carney encountered multiple missiles launched by Houthis in Yemen and fired missiles in response, the official said.

The Houthi missiles were not thought to have been fired at the ship.

CNN added:

A US Navy warship operating in the Middle East intercepted multiple projectiles near the coast of Yemen on Thursday, two US officials told CNN.

One of the officials said the missiles were fired by Iranian-backed Houthi militants, who are engaged in an ongoing conflict in Yemen. Approximately 2-3 missiles were intercepted, according to the second official.

The officials said it was unclear what the missiles were targeting. It’s possible the missiles were fired at the USS Carney or launched towards another target.

A Pentagon briefing is expected Thursday afternoon.

This story is developing.

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