Israeli Ground Forces Get Cold Feet? + Ukraine War Updates by SIMPLICIUS THE THINKER

Things continue to both pick up pace and seemingly slow down at the same time.

After making boisterous threats of immediate ground assault into Gaza, the IDF apparently has gotten cold feet and sobered up to the harsh reality that they would face inordinate losses and/or defeat. So now, they’re pretending to gather forces while re-evaluating the situation, and their chances. In the meantime, they’ve resorted to indiscriminately mass bombing civilians from the sky.

But major problems in mobilization have been revealed:

⚠️ The newspaper The Times of Israel announced that reservists who are mobilized into the ranks of the Israeli army face serious problems because they lack adequate uniforms and other equipment (⏺including elements of individual ballistic protection).


▶️It is stated that this problem is being tried to be solved independently in the People’s Republic of China (Aliehpress), but also that the USA has announced military aid that will relieve the logistics of the Israeli army.


The Israel Defense Forces were not ready for large-scale mobilization of reservists and combat deployment in war conditions. This was reported by the Israeli portal Ynet.


The reservists gathered from all over the country were not provided with food, they did not have the equipment, basic necessities, and personal hygiene.

Volunteers have already announced a nationwide collection of necessary items for reservists who continue to arrive at collection points throughout the wartime state.

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