You have to be kidding, right!?!


My Dear Readers,

     No I am not asking for money or your sisters phone number! Okay?

But what I am asking for is your advice about my Blog. In that what can I do to improve upon besides all of it? Also what should I get rid of? Or is there something I have missed?

  Well you know what I mean. So to those of you that can help this old fart out, I would be most grateful!


8 replies on “Help!?!”

A search function would be great so we can find past articles of interest. Not sure how easy to implement. Also the ability to skip ahead multiple pages or to go directly to a specific page number when changing pages at the very bottom of the page. Other than that, the site is great!

I enjoy your blog, interesting articles. The one thing that happens on occasion that drives me crazy is that pictures don’t always post with the articles. I don’t know how to prevent that happening but it is frustrating. I think you are doing a great job, yours is one of the blogs I visit every day. As mentioned above, a search feature would be great, but maybe that is too much work or too complicated. I admit to really enjoying the NSFW features, gotta admire good looking women.

Thanks for the great ideas. I am sorry about the lost pictures but I am woking on them. Anyways as soon as I can get hold of the Son & Heir maybe I can do the rest or he can. Grumpy

Your content is nigh on perfect! The occasional NSFW adds a nice bit of spicy, and the more esoteric firearms posts are awesome. I can’t think of anything to improve! Thanks for putting all the effort into my favorite daily read!

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