Bad News For Hunter: President’s Son Indicted on Federal Firearms Charges! by LARRY Z


Hunter Biden Indicted

Hunter Biden was indicted on federal firearms charges this Thursday, The Associated Press reports.

When Did He Break the Law?

Purchased a firearm in October 2018.

What’s the Accusation Against Hunter Biden?

Lied about drug use on the firearm purchase form. He checked a box claiming he was not using or addicted to drugs while admitting to a crack cocaine addiction.

Illegally possessing a gun as a drug user.

Plea Deal Fiasco

A previous plea deal that would’ve allowed probation instead of jail time crumbled due to its unusual provisions and a judge’s inquiries.

Prosecution’s Stance

The plea agreement never came into effect, rendering it void. The prosecution had indicated earlier that they were gearing up for charges.

Maximum Penalty If Found Guilty

10 years in prison.

The Indictment

Side Note

Hunter Biden is also under the microscope for his business ventures and potential tax mishaps.

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