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Latest word out of the Kraine via both sides is that casualty figures since June are positively abysmal. As I wrote up before, there have been (for the numbers involved) minor gaaaiinz by the AFU on a few fronts.

Of course the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies have been spinning that out like one of Phil’s metal chip-making deee-vices in his garage… how many RPMs does one of them lathes spin up to again?

Per the article, which I won’t link because trash and total fantasy doesn’t get played here, not to that extent… but per the article : “Blinken said at a press conference in Ukraine that he is seeing “real progress” in the counteroffensive operation. “Ukrainian forces have taken back more than 50 percent of the territory seized by Russian forces since February of 2022,” he said.” (bold mine)

Nigga say what!?!
You know, back when I was in the Army, and even as a Contractor, we were subject to a LOT of drug tests…
Guess if you’re “High Enough” in the food chain, you’re exempt from the Meatgazer Brigade… (see what I did there?)
Let’s look at the map from CNN of all places:

Them itty bitty blue ‘spots’?
Yepper… that’s what they’ve ‘taken’ and even then, like Blinken’s grasp of reality, it’s tenuous as fuck all. The counter-offensive has become a bit of a joke, or would be if it wasn’t so fucking tragic on how many lives are being lost.

To put it in perspective, the US lost 58000 DotMil and ‘others’ in ten years in Vietnam. According to some sources, the AFU lost 67000 since June of this year alone.

In fact, the ‘need for bodies’ is so bad, as I mentioned, the word out in the German newspaper Das Bilt is reporting that Germany has over 163,000 Krainian men of military age who may be dragged back to serve as cannon fodder for the
Krainian army. That’s a lot of bodies for the meatgrinder…

Poland is also beginning to extradite Krainian males eligible for or liable for military service who have been in Poland since the kickoff of the shitshow in question. Unlike the Krauts, the Poles are supposedly focusing on those who have entered the country illegally or have committed crimes, such as assisting illegal immigration, because they do not want such shitbags living in Poland ‘on the dole’. Word is also Krainian Kars (identified by their license plates) are being vandalized at an increasing rate, primarily because well, Poles man.

See, the Poles and Krainians, despite the face-to-face kissy-kissy their various politicos have made, they have traditionally hated each other. West Kraine used to be part of Poland, and they’d like it back, thank you very much. In fact that’s part of what’s been ‘floated’ (like the turd that it is) is that WHEN now (no longer IF) that the Kraine gets disassembled, that the Poles will take on Western Kraine as a ‘protectorate’. Otherwise? The Poles want them i’gnint fucking assholes to go back the fuck home…

Its not just limited to Poland and Krautsville either… seems the Ole Motherland Eire is getting in on the act:

Looks like ol’ Ihor is well and truly fucked.

Truthfully, I can’t ever remember a time where a country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged folks back to the homeland for a War…

I mean Canada opened up and hid the draft dodgers during Nam… I did a goolag search and got bupkis using “has any country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged men before?” so I think this might be a modern ‘first’

It did tell me that the Krainians have also asked Belarus to send back about 60+/- guys, but the Belarusians told ’em to piss up a rope.
Good on them.
What this note tells me that when you need to forcibly bring home your men, shit is well and truly and utterly sideways as fuck.

This ENTIRE WAR at this point? It’s a losing prospect .
Already has been.
Ain’t going to be any winners, especially in the Kraine, no matter what others are saying. And it’s also starting to show in that public polls are turning against further funding. Only 9% of Germans are still behind continuing the slaughter… here in the states supposedly the polls say 43%, but these are the same polls that ALSO say 40% of Americans think that Poopypants is doing a good job as (p)Resident…

To be honest, I’d say we, as in The US, is rapidly approaching the endgame. We’re fucking broke and the world knows it, our “leadershit” is either permanently compromised/bought off/fucking retarded, and the Average Normie is even waking up… just look at the reaction to the soon-to-be Ex-Governor of New Mex-hee-co, Queen “Karen” Luzer-Cockgobbler and her utterly insane power grab. Putin has the advantages, plus time, and as I pointed out the other day, he only needs to let the Krainian DotMil keep ‘crashing uselessly at the gates’ and it’ll all be over by June of next year.
Barring any false flag/black swan events.
BTW: Keep an Eye on the 23rd of this Month
Jes’ Sayin’

As I am so fond of saying
Grab the Popcorn
Shit’s getting waaaay more entertaining.
More Later
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