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Colt Releases New Airhorn Modification For AR-15

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U.S. — Amid a surge of crime in California and local California police advising citizens to carry air horns to protect themselves from violent crime, Colt Manufacturing has announced a new attachment for their popular AR-15 firearm: the tactical air horn.

“With the new Tactical Air Horn, your locked, unloaded assault weapon you haven’t registered with the California government can now become a fearsome yet humane noise deterrent,” says one of the ads for the new product. “Criminals trying to stab and rob you will briefly cover their ears and wince in discomfort before they resume stabbing and robbing you. Get yours today!”

The new AR attachment features 8 ounces of tactical compressed air and a tactical horn capable of unleashing up to 129 decibels of tactical noise directly into the ear canal of an assailant. They are available in both semi-automatic and automatic.

The new product retails for $325 and has already been banned in California.

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