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Colt’s King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda — SHOT Show 2023 by CRYSTA JANE

Colt’s King Cobra line now has a 10-shot cylinder, a first of its kind from Colt.

Coming chambered in .22 LR, it’ll make for a less expensive shooting experience and it’ll be less punishing on the paws due to the minimal recoil.

Front fiber optic sight and drilled rear adjustable sight.

The Colt King Cobra Target .22LR features the classic Colt revolver look with a stainless steel finish and King Cobra leaf spring action for a smooth and effortless trigger pull.

It’s fitted with a front fiber optic sight, an adjustable rear sight, a Hogue rubber monogrip for added comfort and has a recessed crown to protect the barrel from damage.

You’re sure to have a good time practicing or plinking with this revolver.

Shipping now. Find more info at MSRP $999

King Cobra Target .22LR in 4.25″ or 6″ barrel length
The 4-inc Anaconda.

Previously available in 6″ or 8″ options, Colt’s Anaconda is now available in a 4″ barrel configuration.

The Anaconda has a bulked-up and oversized frame for strength, ventilated rib slots, stainless steel finish, leaf-spring action for super smooth trigger pull, adjustable sights for elevation and windage, a recessed crown for barrel protection and over-molded Hogue grips.

Recessed barrel.

With the .44 Magnum being a bit of a handful the over-molded Hogue rubber monogrip provides a comfortable hold for extended shooting sessions. The grip features ergonomic palm swells and finger grooves, providing increased control and accuracy when firing.

Going out to dealers now. The MSRP $1499, “Go beat your dealer up!” LOL.

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