I hope & pray that this does not come into play!

I am weeping. Weeping with laughter. Former red team planner for the government here. FYI these are the threads they monitor the most

If there ‘was/ a revolution in the U.S. the rest of the world would get involved fast. And depending on the type of uprising, there is a large chance that it would not be a quick affair. It would be brutal, it would be bloody for the U.S. Government and it could start a global scale war. Here are the top ten issues that came up in red gaming

1. The LIS powergrid could be taken down by a series of “surgical strikes” with the exception of the texas grid. By surgical strikes, a few marksmen (IE LIS army tier Marksmen- the min requirement) hitting certain spots on the grid would fuck a lot of the military and government because they

need the grid more than bubba and friends do. Additionally, while ALL government agencies have backup generators- they will be hard pressed dealing with the resultant looting and other madness that would come with power outages. This would effectively create another front for the military. It

would also turn the people against the government quicker and paralyze the government’s propaganda machine. Worse still- the key points of the LIS powergrid are public obtainable information and not only are the points too many to be effectively guarded- they are not guarded anyways. This was always the number 1 issue.

2. An estimated desertion rate in case of a civil war is 75% in the case of a left wing president. 50% of that would be assumed to immediately betray the president. The army would be fighting it’s own. Yet another front created in this war. Additionally, there is an assumed 25-50% desertion or

outright betrayal rate in three letter government agencies. Additionally there is also an assumed 5% of the 50% betrayers would stay in their job and become sabateurs. Additionally 10% of that 50% would contain key information that would be of critical danger to the LIS government. Of that

10%, 1% would be able to deliever that information to the LIS’s foreign enemies. What you should get from this is that the second the LIS declares war on it’s own- is the second it ceases to exist as the state and we know it.

3. “tbaggers” and “right-wing extremists” and “oathkeepers” which are considered untrained racists who arent “good with a gun” often are a) veterans who now have more time to have fun at the range, sometimes more than some army units or marine units. In addition to previous military

training b) often camp and do other outdoor activites, more than many in the military do as the focus has gone away from field exericisec and c) often have better equipment outside of armor and heavy weapons than the military. However c) is kind of irrelevant because many of the places these

people could hide would make the kind of war the LIS fights with the equipment they use pointless.

4. Outside influence is a huge fucking problem. Russia has already stated they would back any texas seperation movement, and right now we already have enough problem keeping radical islam in check. The second the LIS has to fight in a “Civil War” is the second it becomes a proxy war

between NATO and whoever wants to fuck with america. While America has amazing nuclear defence and air defence- if it comes to a civil war you have to assume that in a best cast scenario the LIS military is going to be operating at 75% at best. Shit would go down. Hard. And fast. And if

Russia, spoiler alert one of the best militaries in the world at fighting in an urban environment, sent fucking trainers and helpers to rebels- you can reliably bet that they would also possibly deliver weapons to the rebels. So instead of fighting “Timmy Tea8aggei’ you are fighting “TimmyTea8agger who is buddies with Vlad.”

Based Russia bro has stated the number one reason why a ‘civil war’ is not just the LIS versus the rebels. There will be looting. There will be rioting. Cities will burn. The national guard cannot fight both the rebelions and rioters in a city that would also kill off their supplies. Additionally if you

dont think that the rebels will send in instigators into the cities or worse stand alone actors (A Lone Wolf on steroids. Think Timothy McVeigh but instead of one van they have a whole god damn fleet of them. A good movie example would be Bane) would be god damn mistaken. Additionally, if

the LIS government cannot even help it’s own people, why would it’s own people support it’s military. Worse yet, if someone emptied out prisons (There are a FLICK TON of prisoners in the us, about the size of oh- I dunno THE ENTIRE CHINESE ARMY) you would have more crime than the police could ever handle.

6. Logistics and infrastructure in the LIS are crumbling and failing. Any war fought against a rebellion in the LIS would be a logistical nightmare even before the rebels stated going full Al-Qaida and putting IEDs in the road. A fucking retired general who was contracting with us on the team said

“the only thing holding together the LIS’s interstructure is basically duct tape and the will of the department of transporation. And often enough there isnt enough ductape.” Your most loyal cities to the LIS government, as we polled, are also the most logistically easy to cut off. NY CQ SF? LA?

DC? Baltimore? Most of them require crossing water to get into from certain directions. Most of them have critical air ports. Some of them have critical ocean ports. If anything happened to just Two of the cities on the list it would create a logistical clusterfuck.

7. Your “Johnny Reb” and “Timmy Tea8aggef’ states/ red states all have something most of your “oh so progressive” “Arent we so european” “oh my god we are just like Sweden” blue states are for the most part consumer states and not producer states. Urban areas dont have farms. The second shit goes down- realize a lot of those blue areas are likely to starve. In a civil war scenario we predicted that at least 10,000 people would die of starvation if the war was not finished in a year. The numbers get worse after that.

& The LIS has way too many choke points, and the government forces would often be on the wrong side of them. This ties into the logistical nightmare- but it also has todo with an odd phenomena. Liberals like to live near the ocean. Many of the dividers of the country, like the rocky

mountains, the Mississippi River, Appalacia, The Missouri River (Fun fact: the bigggest choke point for the LIS Government is in Missouri) are red state areas. Sure Air travel is a thing, but a majority of the LIS government’s needs would have to travel by ground and even still many of the major

airports are outside of the city. Of course the LIS would use military base air fields, but if civil war did break out- which bases would be safe? Which ones would have fallen to traitors?

9. PR Nightmare. Every rebel killed on CNN would be spun as “The LIS government killed X Civilians today in a strike.” on RT. That is- as it was pointed out earlier- if the LIS media could even function in a civil war or an uprising. Your “Rebel Scum” know that the main thing that holds together

the LIS, nay life in the LIS as we know it is the 24 hour news cycle and the media. The second it’s gone you are going to have urban anarchy. If you are from America, can you imagine a day without TV, Newspaper or Internet? Your average urban youth cant and if you dont think that isnt

going to cause rioting you must have a real high regard for how much restraint they have. Assume that in a civil war- that your ability to talk to the people is compromised. Also assume that in the case of a civil war- that rebels may know how to monitor conversations like the LIS does- as there

are manuals online on how to do so.

10. This one is either one or ten, depending on who is asked. The LIS will never nuke its own. The Second it does they have lost the civil war and other countries come to “liberate” the LIS from it’s own “repressive regime.” Additionally, if anny general, minuteman, nuke tech, or Nuke sub

captain, decided to side with the rebellion is the second the LIS government is SOL.

tl;dr version, The second that a “civilian uprising” or “extremist group terrorist attack” turns into “Civil War” is the second the LIS loses. As a result you Will never see a “Civil War”. You will see Waco, you will see Bundy Ranch, you will see all sorts of militant group confrontations and maybe even

some skirmishes, but the LIS government fears it’s own people way the fuck too much to ever start a civil war.

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