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The Noe Valley Valley zip code of 94114 is amoung of only a handful of areas in the Bay Area that has seen an increase in in home values, a look down Diamond Street., on Friday Nov. 7, 2008 in San Francisco, Calif. (Photo By Michael Macor/The San Francisco Chronicle …
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In today’s edition of You Get What  You Vote For, we have bat-wielding teens attacking moms and nannies in a wealthy section of Democrat-run San Franciso. In this case, it’s happening in an area known as “stroller alley” because of all the young mothers who live there.

“Stroller Alley,” so idyllic, so dangerous

The attacks appear to have been orchestrated by a single group of adolescents and occurred primarily in Noe Valley and North of the Panhandle beginning Monday, Thomas Harvey, captain of the San Francisco Police Department’s Mission District police station, said at a town hall meeting Thursday evening, according to Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who was also present.

The assailants allegedly pushed and punched their victims in assaults that police suspect were carried out using a stolen car, Harvey said. Police recovered and towed the car, the captain said.

“Two women were reportedly assaulted in the neighborhood last week,” continues a Fox News report, “by a youth who allegedly hit one of the women with a baseball bat and the other one in the face.”

Pregnant women have also been attacked. There has been one arrest of a juvenile, but this is a Democrat-run city, so he has probably been released already with an Obama Phone, a rubber, and a book called Gay Sex Is For Everyone.

So, the wealthy Democrat-run San Franciscans who almost certainly vote Democrat are no longer immune from their voting habits. Generally, in the past, wealthy Democrats could pretend their votes were compassionate as the horrors of their policies played out in poorer, minority neighborhoods. Let’s see how tough these left-wing white ladies get on crime now!

Now we get to the best part. Democrat officials are blaming this crime wave on … the COVID.

Rafael Mandelman, who sits on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, has “attributed the crime among children in the city in part to the upending they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic[.]”

“I think, what happened with kids not being in school, I think there may be something going on with that, that we’re going to be experiencing for a while,” he explained. “Those couple of years [when] school was erratic or nonexistent,” he added, “where everyone was under stress, parents and caregivers were under stress. That was probably impacting vulnerable communities more anyway. Sociologically.”

This gives the wealthy moms of Democrat-run San Francisco two choices: they can blame the soft-on-crime Democrats for this crime wave in their backyard, or they can blame the close-the-schools Democrats. I’m pretty sure those Democrats are one and the same.

I don’t like to read about people getting hurt, and some of these women were physically attacked. Things shouldn’t have to get that ugly and brutal before voters wake up. But will they wake up? I doubt it. If these people have to own the Trumptards straight into a dystopia, they will.

The official statistics say robberies are up 12 percent in San Francisco this year. Still, it is likely higher than that because citizens are aware that the police can’t do anything. Why waste your time reporting the crime? Add to this the fact that downtown San Francisco is emptying of businesses, and Democrat Dystopia is close at hand in the City by the Bay.

And what will stop these teenage thugs from continuing to assault young moms and nannies? These punks know there will be no punishment for their actions. They also know that moms holding their phones are easy prey. Women are physically weaker than men. Better still, these women are distracted by their phones and easy to sneak up on.

As I said, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but these people voted for this crime wave. People should get what they vote for. Hey, this is America. People should get what they want.

Thankfully, we don’t all have to live like that. No, sir, we surely do not.

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