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A few guns from Tyler Gun Works, a family-owned business in the
western portion of the Texas Panhandle that specializes in color case and bluing.


Isn’t it funny how the older we get the more we like guns that are like us? You know, older, slightly used, maybe having a few interesting dings, scars and marks. We love showing off our “battle scars” after a few bourbons with our buddies, right? It’s a contest of sorts on having the most interesting blemish and story to accompany the mark, be they body, or gun. This is why I head straight to the “used” rack when I enter a gun shop. They interest me more.

Lately, things have been scarce, though. You’ve probably noticed it too. People are grabbing guns, ammo, heck even reloading supplies, without ever shooting or handloading a cartridge in their life. While the first string “new” gun rack is bare from lack of production, supply chain and employee shortage, even the used racks are looking bare these days, which has me a little annoyed. But there are other options for finding these used gems that I’ll share with you.


A few guns from Tyler Gun Works, a family-owned business in the
western portion of the Texas Panhandle that specializes in color case and bluing.

Rock Island Auction will have thousands of guns listed during
their Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction from Oct. 4-7.

Rock Island Auction: Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction


Many may be aware of the Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction held by Rock Island Auction — the auction house known for high dollar collectable firearms to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sure, that’s great for the top 1%, and we’re happy for them to be able to afford such treasures. But for us mere mortals, the Sporting & Collector auction is geared toward us with a lot of guns ranging from a few thousand to a few hundred bucks.

Most of the guns are listed on consignment and there are several ways to bid on them. You need to start an account, which is easy enough. Go to the Rock Island Auction website click on the ‘start an account’ button in the top right corner, and fill out the prompted pages. It’s easy!

The Sporting & Collector Auction runs from Oct. 4-7 and is the first auction on the screen. Click on ‘view catalog’ and the listings will appear by lot number. On the left is a filter system where you can narrow down your search by gun type, brand, caliber, make, or model. When something looks interesting you can bid two different ways.

Bids can be live, where you actively bid by telephone during the live auction. Or you can do a sealed bid where you simply post the top amount you’re willing to go to. You will be notified if you are out bid, giving you the chance to up the ante, if you so choose.

There are a lot of guns in this auction and I wasn’t aware of Rock Island having these types of auctions. I’m glad I know now, as it is a great way of grabbing a gun that slips through the crack depending on others wants and needs.


Tyler Gun Works


If bidding isn’t your cup of tea, you can go the traditional route, and choose from a list Bobby Tyler has. Tyler Gun Works is a provider of metal finishing server services, most commonly Color Case. Over the years, Tyler found it necessary to have an online store where he could sell the custom guns he built. His customers are loyal to him for life.

“As life goes on, we obviously don’t live forever. My promise to all my customers is to be here to the best of my ability, for as long as I can,” he said. “As time went on, I started getting a lot of calls from widows of loyal customers and started helping them move their spouses’ collections.”

Tyler continued, “There are two things important for me to do at these times. Making sure the widow was not being taken advantage of by a local swap shop. The next thing it allowed me to do was bring honor to the previous owner, knowing how the guns were represented, sold and cared for. We have a large clientele of people who shop on our website daily. We specialize good quality used firearms at a fair price. Just take some time and go to a local gun show and you’ll see what I’m talking about! As always, we stand behind our product 100% of the time. We have over 500 high-quality used firearms in stock. Everything has been checked out and described well with lots of photos.”

Check out their website at, or if you find yourself in the Texas Panhandle, stop in and visit the store. On the website, you’ll find firearms organized by different categories. While you’re there you might as well check out their grips and other gun swag. Shipping is always free when you shop from their website.


Scratching The Itch


So, as promised, there are two different ways of scratching the itch when you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket or feel the need to find something you didn’t know you can’t live without. Good Hunting! There’s always room for one more.

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