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As I have learned the hard way, Its always the basics that make or break you! Grumpy

For example here is the Big Guy (General George Patton) who is doing some land navigation with his compass it the right way! Note that he is OUTSIDE & FAR AWAY from his tank. So that is its magnetic signature will not f*ck up his compass sighting.

It was stuff like this & other stuff that made his Armies so much more effective. Like stress on Land Navigation, Marksmanship, Combined Arm Tactics, Communicatiosn, taking care of your gear and your troops. etc etc. No wonder why the German High Command always rated him as their most dangerous opponent!

I just hope that Valhalla is as much fun as the Old timers say for him!  Anyways thanks sir for terminating with extreme prejudice so many of our Foes in your time.


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