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Violent attacker meets his match when pregnant mom pulls her pistol by Chris Donaldson

An Arkansas thug who tried to victimize an out-of-town family during their Memorial Day visit to Little Rock got more than he bargained for when an armed mom reacted to being attacked in a parking garage by fighting back, with the pregnant mom pulling a gun and shooting the attacker.

The incident went down at a River Market public garage when the family was packing up after spending the day celebrating the birthday of a seven-year-old girl. They were confronted by the criminal who assaulted them, striking the father several times as he was loading a wagon onto the top of the vehicle.

When the assailant then got into the front seat of the vehicle and hit the woman, she then acted in self-defense by utilizing her Second Amendment rights, producing the pistol that she, fortunately, was carrying in her purse, and ended the threat by putting a bullet into the man who picked the wrong family to mess with.

“Taking her to the water parks, and the Zoo, just having a little family time with her,” the father told local news outlet KARK-4, recalling how he was suddenly attacked from behind while packing up and preparing to leave with his pregnant wife and two daughters.

(Video: YouTube/KARK)

The police report states that the mom told officers that her husband “was hit multiple times and tackled to the ground by another man,” who then went to the driver’s seat of the vehicle and struck her.

“Just a fractured rib, and my wife’s got a couple of knots on her forehead where he apparently punched her,” the dad said.

The report said that that the woman stated “that she feared for her and her family so she drew her pistol and shot,” discharging one round that struck the thug in the head/neck area, causing him to fall to the ground.

“A lot of things could’ve happened and we never know what he was really planning or anything, if he was trying to kidnap our girls or just trying to steal the car or what,” the father told the outlet, saying that he’s just thankful that his wife was packing heat and was able to act to protect the family, saying that despite the attack, they won’t be discouraged from visiting again in the future.

“We live in Memphis and this kind of happens to people here all the time so I mean it’s not something we are going to let shine down or shadow down on our lives because we do like to travel,” he said.

The attacker has been identified as 37-year-old Markevious King who police found on the ground at the scene and was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition for his gunshot wound.

Democrats and their stooges in the media have been waging a war against law-abiding gun owners by amplifying the crimes of murderous criminals but it is stories like this that get little attention and show why the preservation of gun ownership rights is so important.

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