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The Brujeria Rifle w/ Electromagnet Recoil Reduction from Fry Tech — SHOT Show 2023 by CRYSTA JAN

The Brujeria with a Raptor V Muzzle Brake from Novalite Armaments

Fry Tech LLC reveals their latest invention at SHOT Show 2023 – the patent-pending Brujeria rifle.

This innovative design strategically places the Fry Tech Buffer System(electromagnet) within the stock and chamber to drastically reduce recoil.

Patent pending 3D print, chambered in 9mm.

The reduction of recoil provided by this technology offers users improved shot accuracy, reduced stress on the body, and improved levels of comfort while shooting.

The energy produced by the discharged ammunition is stored in an on-board battery, which ensures that the weapon remains fully charged and ready to fire shot after shot.

Fun Fact: Brujeria means “witch/witchcraft” in Spanish

Red Dot

Brujeria Rifle Features:

  • Red dot sight powered by harnessed electricity
  • Push-button charging handle
  • On-Board battery – charged by recoiled energy
  • Fry Tech Buffer System to soften and reduce recoil
  • Fry Tech custom designed Upper and Lower

Fry Tech LLC specializes in customizing GUNCAD parts and accessories to aid builders in creating their 3D masterpieces.

They also customize components and kits from other GUNCAD manufacturers that can be re-sold. The Brujeria on display was almost a complete 3D print.

The Brujeria is not currently in production but you can View the Patent or Watch the Rifle Assembly.

For more information or to contact Fry Tech go HERE

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