Crabs & Gazelles

The Bus Farm Fight occurred on crazy-quilted uneven ground — basically flat, but cut with abrupt minor changes in height from asphalt to earth to old, tilted sections of concrete. Stumbling while running, scanning for targets and shooting cost a few lives. Mixing movement and shooting can be disastrous unless that movement is very deliberate — or charmed.

Bullet #5: If you feel that shooting during movement is a viable option for you, first work hard on your “combat shuffle” and your “agile crab sideways scuttle,” or, just hold onto your piece with your finger outta the triggerguard and take off like a cheetah-chased gazelle. I’ve found I can shuffle straight ahead and deliver semi-accurate fire without trippin’ much, but that’s it. Simulations can tell you what you’re capable of, and I recommend you find out before you try any ballet moves or “sprint’-n’-spray” techniques under fire. Falling and shooting yourself or a comrade can ruin more than your day.

In the midst of a vicious gunfight, nobody expected a glass-rattling voice to command “stop shooting!” – so everybody did. When you’re low on ammo and a sweaty, a smiling teenager in a Chicago Cubs baseball cap suddenly appears, dashing from bus to bulldozer passing out loaded magazines, you first wonder if you’ve gone completely nuts — and then you grab some.

Bullet #6: Weird things happen in gunfights. Expect an Albanian satellite to fall on your head, or a gopher the size of a grizzly to erupt from the ground at your feet. It will happen during a gunfight. Believe your eyes, shrug off bizarre twists, and stay focused on the threat.