The .32-20

Next up is the 5-1/2″ .32-20. Trigger pull on this one is 4-3/4 pounds, barrel/cylinder gap is .005″, while the chamber throats are a uniform .313″. This one is dead on for windage and shoots about 1-1/2″ low so a few file strokes will bring it right to point of aim.

Two standard loadings for the .32-20 for decades has been 5.0 grains of Unique or 10.0 grains 2400. These loads put the .32-20 into the Magnum class and should not be approached lightly. (They are only for large-framed revolvers and never should be used in either the S&W M&P or the Colt Police Positive.) Both of these loads shot well with 100-grain cast bullets. Recoil in the relatively heavy Colt is extremely mild. This .32-20 would make an excellent varmint pistol, and no can or rock at a reasonable distance would stand a chance.